Lay Ministries at Episcopal Church with Fellowship is Important for a Church Community in Sarasota, FL
St. Margaret of Scotland Episcopal Church
 Lay Ministries & Fellowship
(941) 925-2525

Lay Ministries at Episcopal Church with Fellowship
is Important for a Church Community in Sarasota, FL

Lay ministries, duties performed by non-clerical members, are the backbone of every church community. They are the builders of our community. It is the first face you see, the first hand that greets you, the people who prepare the altar and the voice that shares the gospel. St. Margaret’s encourages every member to get involved in Lay Ministries and to feel free to even create one that will be beneficial to the community. Training is provided several times a year for all members. Fellowship is the conduit to creating and developing a community of believers. You can attend church every Sunday and still not know anyone. You need fellowship opportunities to develop close ties with others. There are many ways to get better acquainted with other members of the community but nothing is more fun than sharing a meal, taking a hike, or going on an outing together.


Stewardship is the thankful sharing of our Time, Talent and Treasure (financial resources) for building up the Kingdom of God.  Being a good Steward of the church involves participating in annual contributions request, and providing your skills to the operation of the church and maintenance of the building and grounds.  At St. Margaret, we develop a Ministry Budget each fall that describes where we spend our resources either in providing Worship, Education, Fellowship and Caring, and Outreach and Service.  There are work days about every quarter where volunteers all come together to clean up the grounds and the interior of the church.  You can really get to know fellow members weeding the playground or washing windows together.

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