Nature Walks with Members of an Episcopal Church and their Pets Celebrating Life in Sarasota, FL
St. Margaret of Scotland Episcopal Church
 Lay Ministries & Fellowship
(941) 925-2525

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Nature Walks with Members of an Episcopal Church
and their Pets Celebrating Life in Sarasota, FL

Celebrating life, love, and family with members of an inviting episcopal church with St. Margaret’s of Scotland Episcopal Church in Sarasota, Florida. Animals are an important member of many families and at St. Margaret’s we want to acknowledge them and bring them into a part of our worship. At our church we have blessings of the animals where we invite everyone to bring their pets to our church to be blessed which can include dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, horses, and more. Also, for a fun gathering activity with members of our church, we have organized nature walks where our animal members are also welcome to join in the celebration. Everyone is welcome in our congregation, so please feel free to stop by and check us out, we would love to meet you!

One of our Community Outreach Programs we are involved in:

African Team Ministries Jewelry

St. Margaret has been supporting the African Team Ministries for 5 years by holding a crafts fair in the winter. The African Ministries team sends us handmade woodcarvings, jewelry, musical instruments and scarves. The proceeds from the sales go directly to provide funding for orphans and refugee relief missions and evangelism in East Africa. More specifically our proceeds go directly to school tuition and fees, schoolbooks and uniforms. We helped over 100 orphans last year. The African team ministries have provided support for over 25 years by working as an intermediary between African and American churches. Visit for more information.

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